Very touching story

Says the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him Namtan are two blessings which many people .. Health and leisure This email the story real quick, video and perhaps change your life and way of thinking and your priorities in life Watch it revolve around the person of Bahrain named: Ibrahim Nasr tested by God Almighty disabilities fully in his body since birth .. Where he discovered his parents that he was injured and atrophy in the muscles .. Can not move only his head and his toes are just so breathing through tubes penetrate the neck to reach the trachea Wish was to meet with this young man, Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi's father Ibrahim in agreement with Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi without the knowledge of Abraham to visit him in his house .. So as to be a surprise to his son and Sheikh Here is leaving Kuwait airport on his way to Bahrain Ibrahim was a feeling, a great view, Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi opens his bedroom door to watch him .. Where he became his wish to see a particular fact, not only see the happiness of his views just because he can not speak Noticed the breathing tubes that would otherwise Ibrahim died .. Can not even breath taken it himself And began to talk with Sheikh Nabil Ibrahim about the call via the Internet .. And the efforts made by and reminded him some of the stories and attitudes During the speech, Sheikh Nabil Al-Awadi asked a question to this question make Ibrahim Ibrahim sobbed .. And I got tears in abundance Do you know what this question, which impact on the Sheikh Ibrahim said: "O Ibrahim .. If God gave you health and wellness .. What would you wish? And wept until he cried and his father, Sheikh Mohammed and his brother and all of the room .. Even the photographer himself wept and his answer was: By Allah, O Shaykh I performed my prayer in the mosque to the fullest .. And used his health in all that pleases God Praise be to God for the blessing of wellness and complete obedience to God's praise, but to the fullest Oh my light doors, and the home of the book and loved ones Mosque - blessed recipient of the message .. Feed a baby while Kalamtar, Ajmah and all those who love, Played by each is difficult, And make his days holiday, And day of luck, At the age of long life, And make him all they respite, It's all a narrow way out Asthalvk greatest loved to have a merciful God to send this prayer for each of you Oh dear Oh Jabbar Find our hearts are subject to Tqguak and make our eyes from tearing Khchiak and make us, O Lord, from the people of piety and the people of forgiveness and grant us the guidance and met with chastity

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